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…We really just want to say thanks for a wonderful photo shoot and for your creative eye!!! The photos are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will definitely recommend you to all my friends for whatever they may need, and we will be keeping you as the official Drake family photographer for everything we need from now on!!!!! (Linda, senior mom)

…I just wanted to write and say thank you again for the beautiful images you brought over today. I am so excited I am pretty much lost for words. I can not wait to get them up on our walls (which will be tonight!!). When I look down at Chance, my throat gets a lump in it because I just want to freeze time. Sadly though, there is no stopping time. It just keeps rolling on, whether we want it to or not, or if we are ready for it to. With all the stresses of life, the new baby, financial worries, making special time for Chris, keeping up with family and friends, I hope that these past 4 months of Chances life, as well as the time pressing forward that I am truly present…and for the times that I was not/am not enough, God can be. I am so thankful Chris and I stumbled across your photography page 6 months ago. Looking back on it, saving a little extra money here and there, choosing to eat in instead of out or not buying a new outfit that month, was not hard at all, and well worth every penny spent on the amazing talent you have been given!…Because sometimes its nice to have tangible proof that I am doing enough…Enough for my family..enough for my sweet baby boy. I have realized that sometimes, love puts everything else on pause so that Chance’s life can be made special by me, by the camera, by the memory I’ll forever have. Thank you for giving us those memories! – Katie, maternity/newborn momma

…Hey Angela, let me just tell you, we spent over 3 hours looking through our wedding pictures on Sunday night. We had Jason & Sara over to play scrabble and Jeff put them up on the tv to scroll through as we were playing…..let’s just say Sara and I dropped out of the game REAL fast. I  am SOOO incredibly happy with how they came out… I had the biggest smile on my face just looking at them.  I also had a chance to look at the album preview….Oh my gosh!!!! Incredible!! I can’t wait to get that baby in my hands. -Tabi, bride

…Thanks again to both of you for dedicating your time to us and making a wonderful memory that will be cherished.  I can’t wait to see (the canvas gallery wraps) up in my in laws’ house.   Hugs!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! -Tifnie and family, clients-become-friends

Strona wygenerowana dzięki wtyczce Thank You autorstwa Łukasza Więcka.

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  • Sara Haynor · Posted May 1, 2012 at 7:28 pm · Link

    Angela and Brian, thank you both for a perfect wedding day. You captured the day perfectly. Your calmness made me calm, reminding me to relax, making me feel beautiful, loving our families as if they were your own… Nothing can describe you! Thank you for being you, and for wonderful photos. Love you guys! -Sara, bride

  • Nancy Loper · Posted August 27, 2012 at 9:05 pm · Link

    Enjoyed your collection! I wondered though if you have seen the Bella Bun for Baby Photography. They have a website. Just thought I’d pass that info on. Kind Regards, Nancy

  • Angela · Posted September 14, 2012 at 10:10 pm · Link

    hi, nancy loper! i would love to tell other photographers about the bella bun if it’s a good product! can you tell me more? thanks!

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