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kelsie and matt {sarasota wedding photography}

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i think she liked his gift to her!  and kelsie’s wedding gift to matt: a study Bible.

coolest part of their ceremony – as they shared their first kiss, the bridal party turned the letters “L-O-V-E” to say “X-O-X-O.”

after the receiving line, we snuck the mr. and mrs. into a little quiet space together for a few moments just the two of them (oh, ok, and a photographer).

awesomely fun bridal party.

we grabbed LITERALLY four minutes to get these images as a storm line was rolling in, thunder and lighting and all.

…and then just before we ran into the church, THIS.

one of the neatest mother-of-groom and father-of-bride dances… when matt was dancing with his mom, she invited kelsie into their little circle.  there were giggles and welcome, and it was beautiful.

you two (and your families, and friends…) – we think you’re AWESOME, and watching you care for each other is a gift.

thank you for the opportunity to capture your day… and we can’t

WAIT for the rock-the-dress!

hugs!  –brian and angela

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what really matters {st petersburg family portraits}

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every once in a while, in the running-along-trying-to-get-it-all-done-ness of life, a moment occurs that brings me to a screaming halt… back to the heart of what is eternally valuable and heartbreakingly real.  the story of lauren and jon and their precious baby boys, whose life on earth flickered so quickly, creates just such a moment.

i met these parents when i received the call requesting services for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization i volunteer for because i am called… and because through it i have the opportunity to validate the lives of little ones whose families have them in arms so briefly.  every session is emotional, but i felt an immediate connection with these two and their family… and with their beautiful baby boy, the second son they had lost, who passed into his Heavenly Father’s arms just before i met him.

lauren and jon invited me to join them for an intimate memorial for their sweet boy and it is with their permission that i share this video with you, and for a purpose.  first, it is my hope that it will encourage you to celebrate the lives of those you love.  i was struck with the hope that shined through the pain as lauren and her husband celebrated their “sticky bean” through letters of love and honor -  they managed to laugh together and rejoice in their love and their love for their little boys.

second, i pray that you will be challenged to action – to reach out to someone near you who may be hurting, whose heart you can encourage.  below the video is information about an event lauren is hosting that offers the chance to do just that.  to watch the video, click on the image below.

lauren has allowed her family’s painful journey to spur good for others, and she will be hosting an event in October for Babyloss Remembrance Day.  Following is the press release for the event.  If you or someone you know has lost a little one, please consider attending and sharing this information.

Gathering Planned for October 15, National Remembrance Day

The United States has designated October 15 as National Remembrance Day for families who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy or infancy.  In recognition of this day, the community is invited to gather together at Crescent Lake Park in St. Petersburg to participate in an environmentally friendly balloon release in celebration of the short but precious lives of the little ones we so deeply love and desperately miss.  The release will take place promptly at 6:00 PM on Saturday, October 15.  Guests are encouraged to arrive early to allow time to write notes to their children on seed paper, which will be handed out along with biodegradable balloons from 5:00-5:45 PM.  Precautions are being taken to ensure that this is an eco-friendly event, so we must insist that nobody brings their own balloons.  This event is free but donations are greatly appreciated.  To register please contact:

This Remembrance Gathering is being held in affiliation with Sweet Pea Project and is hosted by Lauren Highfill Symmes, who is volunteering her efforts in memory of her own beautiful child, Rex Christopher.  Sweet Pea Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that offers comfort, support and gentle guidance to families who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy or infancy, was founded by Stephanie Paige Cole after the death of her daughter Madeline.  Sweet Pea Project is headquartered in Pennsylvania, but reaches out to families across the country and internationally through their blanket and book donation programs.  The official Sweet Pea Project Annual Remembrance Gathering will be happening on the same evening in Lancaster, PA.  For more information on Sweet Pea Project please visit

thank you for allowing me to share… hugs!  –angela

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sweet photographer friend {florida vintage beach portraits}

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just such an honor when a fellow artist trusts you with her own family.  this is my friend shelya of pinstripes and paisley photography.  shelya, you are a dear friend and i LOVED our morning together!!

(and oh, my dear friend, there is a whole WALL of canvas here!)

shelya’s mom is such a beautiful lady… i love that she was not only willing, but excited to have portraits done of herself!  every time i see my grandma, i try to get her on camera.  she plays hard-to-get, but know how precious those images are and will be…

those lips…

(kelly, you are wonderful!  thank you to a client and friend for your help this morning!)

**if you’d like to know more about shelya, you can find her at paisley and pinstripes photography!  she styled this entire shoot, and it was a blast collaborating together…

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sweet summer-time {clearwater st. petersburg family maternity photographer}

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these eyes…

something very funny is going on here…

no mommies were harmed in the making of this image.  as for daddy-shorts, i can’t promise the same; no harm but plenty wet!  summer, i LOVE the way you three laugh together.

one of my most treasured family images is a photo of our oldest four gathered protectively with daddy around our baby-belly… this image will be priceless.  i hope baby sister will be able to look at it over the years and be reminded always that she is safe, and that she is loved.

thank you so much, sweet family, for the privelege of capturing such an amazing time…   i can’t wait to meet your little princess!

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the “t” family {tampa bay family portraits}

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it’s the coolest thing to get to photograph extended family of clients we really connect with… we were so thankful when jenn and justin and family sent jenn’s aunt our way!

paula, we really enjoyed our time with your family!  thank you so much for getting in touch, and for making family portraits an important part of your vacation!  enjoy.  :)

we can’t wait to see what makes the gallery walls… and to get going on Christmas cards!

big hugs… angela

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