Month: April, 2010

Welcome, baby Landon!

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 silly as it is, when i entered the room, the words “this is holy ground” passed through my brain.  watching mom and dad labor together was an awe-inspiring experience.  this is baby number four, and the commitment to raise children to be God-honoring and gentle, and the romance between two beautiful people, was palpable.  it is a rare experience to be in the birth room, one of the utmost intimacy, and a picture of what God, and creation, really looks like.

Precious baby boy, it was an honor to capture your entrance into this world, and to watch your mommy and daddy work so hard together to welcome you.  You are a blessing, and the Lord has great plans for you.

thank you, shannon and jack, for the opportunity to help you create a gift for your family, and a forever-remembrance of the birth of your littlest one.  hugs and many, many blessings!

please click on the words “Welcome Baby” below to view a slideshow of a beautiful night.

Welcome, baby Landon!

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aidan {tampa bay florida newborn photographer}

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lil’ boy!  born into a family who adores him, his big sister is beautiful and i think she’s going to spoil him rotten.  that, or have him well trained to play with her princess toys!  melissa and aaron are beautiful and kind-spirited, and their daughter was so much fun!

aidan is the calmest, most easy-going little one… at least for us he was! after he ate he pretty much let us squoosh and bend and move him all over… he actually drifted off to sleep while we held his lil’ head, sitting up in a bowl!




we are so thankful for shawn and brian, who trusted us enough to refer us to such a neat couple… you guys keep good company!  and thank you, C family, for the honor of being part of such an amazing time in your lives.  may your sweet boy (and his big sister) grow up to be strong and wise, and to know the purpose for which they were designed, and pursue Life passionately!  more to come… :)

you, mr. aidan, are yummier than chocolate.  and that’s sayin’ somethin.’  looking forward to seeing you grow!

hugs! – {{angela}}


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brian and michelle engaged! {st pete wedding photographers}

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we loved that our good photographer friend sent us this awesome couple when he was booked for their day.  even better, he buttered us up and told us we were “artsy” and could make them happy  :) .  (we sure plan to!) with photographers as friends and family, it was a huge honor that they chose us to spend their Thanksgiving wedding with them.


just a short while ago michelle and brian were hired to be safari guides in africa!  we’re super excited we’ll have a new place to visit and photograph… michelle shared with us that she may be training some of the staff (she and brian are fitness trainers as well – amazing…) as there have been incidents with elephants when they are out walking for exercise!  hhmmm… maybe we could all just head over to africa for this wedding?!

and did i mention that michelle has  the most enchanting south african accent that i could listen to all day?


this was another opportunity for brian and i to have a date night with another couple, getting to know them before the big day and laughing along the way.  i gotta brag on my hubby – while i am the “cuteness” of the two of us, i always tell him, his images from the evening could’ve totally carried this gallery.  teamwork. is. so. romantic.

so i notice (after we find this totally serendipitous lil’ greeting on the city steps) that brian’s actually wearing a wedding ring.  when i ask about it michelle says, “I figured if I have to advertise I’m taken, so does he…”  totally adore that idea.  it makes me think of the old biblical view of betrothal, where engagement was almost married – it was that powerful a bond.  you two have it!  brian, you’re such a man!


sunset. in the city. delish.

 brian and michelle, we can’t wait to meet the rest of your family and friends and celebrate your wedding with you.  michelle, i think you’re a brave soul, and i’m so proud of you for diving in and “posing” in front of a crowd of onlookers.  :)   you guys are awesome!

{hugs} –brian and angela

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rock the dress. i mean REALLY rock it. vintage style. {tampa bay wedding photographers}

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so, cory and cait are pretty much the coolest people we know.  (no less cool to the other people we know, mind you.  :)   )  but these two are the perfect match of elegant graceful teensy lil’ wife and buff manly welding-and-mechanically-minded-type hubby.  we were spoiled to photograph their gorgeous wedding last summer, and even more spoiled when they let us spend practically a whole day playing with them on their rock the dress session.

brides, this is a super-cool way to honor your man after the wedding day.  ask him what he loves to do (well,  you might already have some ideas by now…) or offer to live out a bit of a fantasy together.  get in your dress, get all gorgeous again (we can refer you to a fabulous stylist!) and have a session that he’ll think is fun, too!  cory loves his vintage cars (and will be offering them to our brides and grooms to spice up your day!) and he’s a guitar fanatic.  we giggled as throughout the shoot we’d hear cory say, “this is so hot!”  um, yeah, we thought so, too.

because they gave us a ridiculous amount of time to experiment and have fun with them, we were able to capture two totally different looks, using two of cory’s fave cars.

MARRIAGE is sexy.

and it just so happens, i’ve always dreamed of driving a ’57 chevy (my dad built me a model one for my 16th birthday!) so cory obliged me… looove that guy!

and a different kinda saucy…



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eliana. {tampa bay newborn photography}

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sigh.  little miss just joined the most precious family – three older siblings to adore her, a proud and attentive mommy and daddy, and a whole bunch of other friends and family make up her admiring public.  the princess came to the studio with her mommy and big sister (a girls’ day out – daddy had the boys!), and i soaked up every minute of it.

you know i’m a sucker for redheads, so i was pretty excited when the perky lil’ ariel gave me the privelege of grabbing a couple images of her. sigh…

i love those delicious sleepy shots, but those moments when they’re awake and content soaking in the world around them, well, those are just frosting on the yummy-baby-cake.  and frosting, well it’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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