Month: February, 2010

eye candy {tampa bay newborn photographer}

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josh and alicia have a special place in my heart… we’ve known their little a. since before she was born, and their whole family has become special to us!  when josh called to say he wanted to surprise his bride for her birthday, we were super excited to build them a keepsake coffeetable book from before their angel-girl was born, to her first portraits.  i had to wait till she got it to share with all of you!

i already told mom and dad i was teary-eyed when their book came, because little a. is already so big.  josh, you totally rock, and alicia, thank you so much for the awesome privelege to share in your lives!!

xoxo {angela}

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into all the world {tampa bay engagement photography}

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when i met joey and nicole, i was hooked.  hooked on their infectious laughter, their passion for the world’s hurting, and their blatant love for each other and the family and friends who are a vital part of their life as individuals and soon, as a married couple.

oldest of five, nicole has a tender spirit and when she first called to interview me for her wedding, she said, “our main goal for our wedding is that God will be glorified.”  then when we chatted over lattes, she said, “we just want our guests to feel blessed.  that’s our desire.”  well, girl, i want you to feel blessed. 

joey is a goofball, and he showed up to our consultation with his iPhone in hand, The Knot application open.  he was ready to check off one more item on the list.  what a man.  oh, and apparently, he is also a bird whisperer.  because this little guy followed us for the entire last half of our session.  he literally walked right up to joey and just inspected him.  maybe when you guys head around the world you can also host your own nature show!


brian and i are so blessed to have met you, and we can’t wait to spend your wedding day with you and your family and friends.  because we’re hooked on you two!

leave a word of congrats to joey and nicole!  15 comments… little present for them!

xoxo!  every moment matters… brian and angela

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fairy tale {tampa bay model portfolio}

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like a mythical tale from every little girl’s dreams, hannah was walking through the mall when the fabulous talent agent denise of dk model and talent approached her and said something like, “you should model!”  lucky for me, hannah’s sweet sister already had us booked for senior portraits, so her family gave me the privelege of shooting hannah’s portfolio.  look at this sweet girl – i would’ve stopped her, too! :)

of course, it is still freezing for us floridians, so it was a great first taste of the more adventurous side of modeling .  nonetheless, hannah was willing to brave the weather, the not-so-friendly shop owner (just one – we’ll tell you about our adorable ice cream shop owner-friend…), and even the teenage boys (“is she a MODEL??”) to create some beautiful images for her comp cards.

This is Mr. Ken.  He is absolutely adorable, and when we stopped in for a cone for the shoot (thanks, Danielle, for the idea!), he was so excited for us to feature his equally adorable shop.  So thank you, Mr. Ken, from Sweet Licks ice cream shop, for your hospitality!

thank you, kelly and hannah (and dad, of course!) for a wonderful morning.  i am honored by your trust and excited to see hannah’s amazing future unfold (and she’s got a great entourage already…)  em, i can’t wait for your turn!

leave comments to encourage hannah on her new venture!  and because we’d like some new followers, for every new follower of our loving legacy blog i’m giving hannah a $5 credit toward her print order!  (up to $50 – we gotta feed our kids :)   )

if you are interested in model photos or some gorgeous portraits, please contact us at 727-385-9774 or .

hugs!  {angela}

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family-love {tampa bay florida family portraits}

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it was such a treat to reconnect with lisa and her sweet family.  i don’t need to tell you what sweet kids these four - you can see it in their eyes!  these guys have been through a challenging year, and it’s obvious that God has protected them, and they’re even closer for it.

as they often do, two of my own favorite assistants came along on this session, shooting and working the light.  :)   here’s a shot of them at “work,” and then i’m sharing a few of anna’s images. 

the first makes me smile – it’s not technically perfect (focus landed on the feet, for my photographer-friends), but i love, love, love her playful composition.  she’s growing every day in her art and it makes me so proud to see her take initiative on a session, going after a shot she envisions.

she’s playin’ with her angles :)

this sweet family braved our uncharacteristic florida winter weather and even drizzles to capture these images… i can’t share some of my favorite group images, because, well, you might just be seeing them in one of my favorite publications very soon!  i can, however, share these, and my, oh, my, what a privelege.  you guys are so cool!!  i’m never in a hurry to capture our clients’ memories, but these guys were so trusting that we made it in record time, which as it turns out, is good… it started to rain again just as we wrapped up!


thank you so much, c family.  i’d love to blessing you with an awesome gift!  share with friends and family – 15 comments on your post and i’ll be spoiling you!  :)

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jimmy and tiffany {tampa engagement photography}

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jimmy has always been like a brother to my husband, and so when they asked us to photograph their wedding, we were totally honored, of course… add that tiffany is beautiful inside and out and happens to have an adorable, goofy, and sweet son, and we were hooked!  as if the day wouldn’t be sweet enough, being jimmy’s former young adult pastor, brian gets the privelege of performing the ceremony.  (he’ll hand off the camera for that part.)

this weekend we met up in ybor for some rockin’ engagement portraits… super-cool bryce came along for a couple family images, too… and for comic relief!  it was cold and windy and we dodged lots of other working photographers – that part was almost as funny as bryce! 

funny guy…

love when you two giggle together – it’s contagious!

um, hello gorgeous bride-to-be!  hot, hot, hot…

neither of us has a tattoo, so i think we live vicariously through people who have cool ones.  i did blush, though, when i heard my hubby say, “pull your jeans up a little… i want to get that tatoo in the shot…” thanks, tiffany, for obliging!   

maybe the funniest behind-the-scenes story is that as we were working on this set, we looked up to find a crowd watching, and one guy walked all the way into our “bubble” with his iPhone firing away.  “i’m just taking pictures of you guys takin’ pictures,” he said… all part of the adventure!  so if you see us on some random guy’s facebook, give us a shout!

for those following us, you’ll know that it’s one of our favorite date-nights to photograph other couples… weddings and engagements feed our own romantic side… thank you guys so much for braving a long day to come “play” with us… we love, love, love you and can’t wait for your gorgeous wedding day!

{{hugs!}} brian and angela

oh, p.s. leave some loooooooove for jimmy and tiffany – 15 comments gets them a gift from us!


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