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gail and wayne {belleair couples’ photography}

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what was to be a surprise session for wayne from gail and their dog arnold for their anniversary, oh-so-happily turned into a beloved session for the two three of them.  there isn’t anything sweeter, i think, than the gift of observing a seasoned romance playing out in front of my lens.

we can’t wait to get to work on your album… the two of you made me giggle my buns off, and you brought tears to my eyes with the intensity of your connection… not to mention the giggles at your sidekick’s antics.  :)   thank you!



and here’s a funny little side-note to our story… as we were photographing, a police car pulled up in the street.  i immediately thought, “oh, no, did we park wrong?  do we need permission to shoot here?”  but no… the police officer fell in love with arnold at first sight… and asked to photograph him.  in fact, he let our “little model” have a go at the cruiser’s drivers’s seat!  when he got back in, somehow a plate number had mysteriously been dialed in… and was almost sent.  :)   oh, the stories we can tell…

and on a related note:  recently a young, passionate photographer named jesh de rox has begun teaching about a “movement” called “beloved…” it’s a concept of incorporating the passion of experience into couples’ portraiture… honoring the relationship with portraiture that’s designed to remind couples of the depth and genuineness of their love.  his heart and vision for the movement rings true to why i began photography in the first place, and immediately i knew i wanted to offer our clients the same vision in what we do. 

the funny thing is, i think it’s exactly what our vision has been all along – in fact, a friend pointed out, we’ve had a gallery called “the beloved” since we first set up our site!  while his ideas are amazing and his vision is gorgeous, i think a perspective including the beauty of God’s love is even more rich, and true… and at second glance, we’ve realized that where we were called to go as artists was even grander… i know i’m sounding all artsy and vague here, but trust me, what we’re working on is a BEAUTIFUL thing.  :)  

we are excited beyond words at expanding the experience we’ve prayed for, for our clients.  we will be sharing more in the weeks to come, but in the mean-time,  if you are interested in knowing more about a “beloved” session, give us a call…  and thank you, jesh, for giving voice to the concept that literally, can change the world!

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beautiful lindsey {largo, florida senior portraits}

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i’m not gonna lie, when lindsey’s mom asked about including her horse in her senior session, i did a little inner dance. we’ve considered it with other clients, but time or locations didn’t allow for it… boy, am i glad it worked out this time!

 some girls know how to rock a camera and are utterly aware of the space around them and the impact they make.  those girls are fun to work with!  other girls are just beautiful from the inside all the way to the outside.  they don’t need to grab your attention – they just do it without trying.  those girls melt my heart, and they are the love of my senior work.  you, lindsey, made my heart melt!  :)









we weren’t even sure lindsey’s session could happen, due to an injury she got playing ultimate frisbee.  we decided to give it a go because of time constraints… can you believe how awesome she did?!



lindsey, you are beautiful.  i know mom said you were a little hesitant to “model,” but your smile lit up the afternoon, and your grace is evident.  i loved meeting buster, and i loved meeting each of you.  i can’t wait to hear all about your amazing successes in life!

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Rocket Dog {Concord NC and Tampa Bay pet photography}

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sweet Rocket-boy.  quite cautious and ever-so-careful of strangers, especially the male variety.  smart and speedy and loyal-on-loyal to his people.  happy-dog, daily-miles-walking-buddy and couch-potato-movie-watcher extraordinaire.

cornelius north carolina tampa bay dog photography angela sackett loving legacy


sometimes-mama’s-boy and all-the-time-dad’s-buddy, you made me work for the smiles today, and it was the most fun afternoon ever.

tampa bay pet photography loving legacy angela sackett

i loved hanging with your kitty-sister, but running in the frozen field with you was (don’t tell her!) even better.  have a good year, Rocket-dog!

charlotte nc clearwater florida pet photography loving legacy angela sackett

WOOF!  hugs – angela

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muffin, princess of the world. (cat-itude.) {charlotte north carolina and tampa bay pet portraits.}

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i must confess, i have had no interest in pet portraits.  my oldest says he’d like to pursue doing them, but my joy in families, and new little baby-sweetness, and on-the-cusp-of-adventure high school seniors, and in blushing brides and nervous grooms and deep-wrinkled grandmas, has been more than enough.

i look in awe at the work of amazing artists who can let you into the very being of treasured family pets and wild animals alike, and i’m thankful for their work.  but till now, i haven’t been remotely tempted to try my hand at it.

being here with my parents in North Carolina, though, and being presented with some serious pet personality, has lured me to the challenge of capturing the large personalities of these family members.  i present to you Muffin, also known as the Queen of the Universe.

here’s hoping i can capture your dog  ”brother” in his shy sweetness, too, little kitty!muffin web


happy New Year with meows and hugs!!  –angela

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all’s right in the world {tampa bay family portraits}

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oh-so-cold for a Florida winter morning.  damp grass, and i made them meet me early.  but there wasn’t a complaint – i met smiling eyes, gentlemanly hand-shakes, and brotherly love.tampa bay seminole family portraits angela sackett plus some sweet puppies bundled snuggly-warm into a basket!  thank you so much, s. family, for the sweetest family-time.  looking forward to some of that venison, haha!

largo florida family portraits

adam, seth, and johnny, you guys are super-cool and God has great plans for the three of you! 

largo florida family portraits pet portraits loving legacy photography

mom and dad, you guys are awesome and it’s truly a pleasure to “hang” with you!  enjoy your sneak peek, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

tampa bay family portraits loving legacy photography

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